This site is dedicated to the riders, management and fans of the  Hackney Hawks Speedway Team. All information contained within this site is from the memory of my family and myself who attended Hackney regularly. In 1970 I was registered by my parents as a Hackney Supporter at 18 days old !  I was actually at the meeting but evidently slept through most of it.  I am convinced to this day I am named after Garry Middleton but my mother furiously denies it !  Luckily I was not named Bengt after her other favourite and later mine,  Mr Jansson ! 

If anyone has any pictures, information, programmes, stories, articles about Hackney Speedway and its riders, or can advise me of anything I have got wrong, I would be very grateful if you could e-mail me.

All pictures on this site are copyright of Mike Patrick (unless otherwise stated) and are reproduced with his kind permission. Click here to visit his site. I would also like to thank Brian Longman who sent me so much Hackney memorabilia to post onsite.  Lots of it I have owned previously and lost but there was so much that I hadn't even seen before.Thanks too are in order to Mike Moseley who has supplied much of the information for the stars profiles in recent weeks.

I hope the site brings back a few happy memories.

Up the Hawks, Gary Penfold (Junior Hawk J-080 !!)